Our Commitments

Novantus offers to its partners and investors, a unique opportunity of partnership in a growing and highly profitable enterprise. The economic trends and development track of the Nigerian economy indicates a high demand for energy. NEL is set to attain a dominant position in its area of expertise in the West African region. We aim to

  • Return significant and sustainable revenue to our investors.
  • Maintain excellent community and fiduciary relationships with our local community of operations
  • Maintain a customer-centric perspective to our customers and good relationships with our clients


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is produced by compressing gas to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. CNG's combustion is widely considered a more environmentally "clean" alternative to conventional fuels. It is much safer than other fuels in the event of a spill, because natural gas is lighter than air, and disperses quickly when released. LNG and LPG will be explored as options to fire our mobile power plant - Read More


As at September 2014 Nigeria generated 4044 MW of electricity which is way below the quantity needed to serve its population which stands at over 170 Million. This highlights the gap Novantus aims to fill and this would be achieved using different sources of fuel ranging from clean gas to renewable energy. We realize the importance of reducing the nation’s carbon foot print in order to create and sustain a friendly environmental.



Novantus seeks to embark on the development of Waste to Energy (WTE) projects across Nigeria to utilize the abundant wastes available in different forms. WTE facilities create energy in the form of electricity or heat from the treatment of waste products. Additionally, some plants produce combustible fuels such as methane or diesel from the treatment of a waste product. Ash and tar for the construction industry are other by-products obtained from this process. Nigeria generates a significant amount of solid waste annually which presents not just an economic advantage but also a huge potential for waste to power solutions in the country.


The use of solar electricity systems aids the capture of solar energy using photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert the sunlight into electricity. This resource has been found to have the capability of providing more power than all the fossil fuels we currently hold if properly harnessed and used to generate green and cheap electricity. Eventually, it can play a part in reducing the huge dependence on fossil fuels. The fact that West Africa is blessed with high degree of sunshine all the year round makes it a sustainable energy source for power generation. Solar energy is being used all over the world for various applications like heating, drying and providing electricity.



Nigeria is endowed with abundant coal reserves of the required quality necessary for power generation and opportunities are potentially available to develop the coal resources. Coal was once the leading fuel for generating electricity in Nigeria. The long, steady rise of coal-fired power plant began to decline after 1967 due to over reliance on natural gas and hydro power plants. NEL’s long term plan is to resuscitate the use of coal.