About Novantus

As an emerging indigenous Energy Company our immediate focus is on acquiring gas supplies and providing reliable cost effective supply of energy to commercial customers located in Nigeria and in Africa.

Our team is made up of well-seasoned professionals with business acumen, great technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of business operations within the energy sector, locally and internationally.

Business Objectives

  • To develop and expand into its primary niche areas, claim significant market share and offer above-average returns to shareholders
  • To become the leading energy delivery company within the region and offer highest quality of delivery in a safe and sustainable way.
  • Ensure significant asset appreciation to enhance equity investments.
  • Maintain excellent relationships with our clients and within our local communities of operation.
  • Maintain Corporate Social Responsibility and legal accountability with all regulatory organizations.
  • Sustain a customer-centric perspective with our customers and good fiduciary relationship with our suppliers

Clear business strategy